Whilst we may see the sustainable issues as so BIG, each of us can do small things to address these. By changing our activities we can be the rising tide. One of simplest videos which steps through the each step of current production cycle is the Story of Stuff.

Food: We can start with biting into more wholesome plant food. If you are not used to eating greens, how about trying just one day a week with Meatless Mondays?
Body Products: Products that you use for your body. A good test is whether you would eat the skin cream? If it’s not good enough to eat, why would you put in on your body?
Home Products: Cleaning products are made with toxins in the process. Then we use them and pollute our houses even more. Some local government councils are taking initiative and highlighting this to their citizens. Check this video by City of Sydney.

Clothes: In an excessive state of consumption, we generally buy far too many items of clothing and are not aware of the effect of the chemicals in the clothing on our body. Countries like Norway are far stricter with the chemicals that are allowed on the clothes we use. Stay away from chemical clothing and wear natural fibres such as much as possible.
Travel: It starts with the simple things. Let’s use public transport as much as possible and cycle or walk, rather than drive. It will boost your fitness levels and reduce the number of cars on the road.