Wholesome Plant Wisdom

You can feed your mind, but if you eat a lot of the standard Western diet, your body will give warning signals.

When we are born, our body has the highest percentage of water. Plant wisdom is like water; the essence of life.

Even though we consider the human body as omnivorous, the human physical body is much closer to a herbivore than a carnivore. In other words, we are physiologically made to eat much more plant matter than meat, since it is easier for our body to digest.

The trouble is when we become more affluent we tend to eat more meat. To add more fuel to the fire, we are also eating highly processed food-like substances as well. This is making many people sick everywhere.

Traditionally, when we became sick, ancient cultures like the Greek, Indian, Chinese and American cultures turned to plant based herbal remedies to recover. So why do we now harm our body in the first place, and then revert to plants to heal us?  Why not eat more wholesome plant-based food continuously to nourish us?

Recently, one of the most comprehensive studies on epidemiology was completed with the Chinese Academy of Preventative Medicine, Oxford University and Cornell University. One of the project directors published a book to summarise the findings called ‘The China Study’.

The authors concluded that people that eat wholesome plant-based food will minimise or reverse the development of chronic diseases and a vast number of illnesses attributed to affluence.

So now we have modern science telling us the same as the ancients.

Fluids – Apart from the food we take in, our bodies require fluids to help the body function. All the other drinks with added sugar do strange things to our body.  Nothing beats clean drinking water or the coconut for replenishing qualities.  Freshly juiced fruit and vegetables are closest behind.


Cras nunc elit, consequat nec porttitor sagittis, rutrum eu orci.


Cras nunc elit, consequat nec porttitor sagittis, rutrum eu orci.