Personal Growth

From the beginning of time, we have been inspired to do more from within. This could be from our imagination or due to danger. While danger hits us from outside, our reaction to it, our choice in dealing with it, comes from within.

If we have the desire to grow, we are looking for ways to shine beyond the situation we have been dealt.

We can be inspired by the people around us, or through the stories we see, hear and read. From the time we learned to talk, we have continued to share the knowledge from our ancestors to our children; from dreamtime to modern times.

Inspiring words

Inspiring books can change our lives in many ways. Inspiring stories from all corners of the world are now being shared via the internet – a new method replacing the oral tradition.

Recently, with the creation of video platforms like YouTube, we are seeing inspiring speeches on many topics. Popular vehicles like the TED talks are happening in regions far and wide.

Hold on a second; there are so many exciting stories and possibilities, but who am I? Where do I start? This is a great question and only one person has the key – that’s YOU!


Reflection serves a priceless purpose, and that is to know yourself. Reflection or meditation practices have also been used to quieten the ‘monkey’ mind. The monkey mind refers to our mind being easily distracted, leaping from one topic to the next.

Meditation is non-secular – it can be done by anyone; to understand ourselves better, and our contribution to the planet. Meditation can be done in many ways. Some like to sit in a quiet space, others prefer to meditate with a group in silence or with sounds.

Another form of meditation can even be as simple as finding time to reflect in a garden, walking or doing a physical activity on our own. The Australian Aborigines practiced ‘walkabout’, as a rite of passage, where one would go into the wilderness alone for different periods. This too, can be regarded as a form of meditation and reflection.

While some people prefer physical exercise practices like Yoga and QiGong, meditation is a crucial element in each of these practices. Some say that while the body twists to the various postures, the mind eventually succumbs to just being with the body.

And so meditation, or our preferred term, ‘reflection’, helps us to first understand ourselves, which is the key to starting to grow. To build a house, we start with the foundation.