V Stars go PeaNUTS this April!

This April, V Stars held our annual get-a-way and go peaNUTS!

Peanuts Funny Farm is a lovely sanctuary providing healing work for both young, troubled children and abused animals. This year, V Stars brought their Hearts and exceptional services to the farm and were able to give back by nourishing the hosts with yummy treats and tactile experiences.

Peanuts Funny Farm is part of Tracey Keenan’s vision. Growing up in New Zealand, she saw how a troubled child, who would not talk to people, opened up to the animals in the house. This planted a seed in Tracey’s mind to create both an animal sanctuary and a safe haven for children who have been through abuse allowing them an opportunity to re-connect with life.

Peanuts holds a growing family of 4 legged friends including; 2 bulls; 4 horses, 3 miniature horses 3 Pot Belly Pigs; 2 goats; 5 dogs, a few cats, a ‘wascally wabbit’ and a many natural wilfdlife including skippy’s relatives ( ie Kangaroos). The farm itself is a 100 acre space just outside of Goulburn, just 1.5 hours from Sydney.

Peanuts care for and rehabilitate many neglected stock and domesticated animals. They have a no-kill policy, therefore the animals live out their natural lives on the farm.

Troubled children are helped when organisations’ bring them to the farm and help the children to connect to the animals. A simple act, like the touch of an animal, allows a child to reconnect with the essence of Love.
There are many troubled children caught in the abuse cycle.  This is later reflected in our societies through the adult versions of these children acting out through violence, crime and further abuse cases. Peanuts is an essential partner in helping break the cycle of abuse experienced by these children.

Vegan Yumminess

The V Star Trip to Peanuts consisted of the group creating some yummy vegan dishes and desert followed by some fun around a campfire. We also donated some funds for our trip and this year, we incorporated V Star guests who offered yoga and Thai massage as well.  Tracey loved them both.

I cannot praise Tracey & Lance enough for creating Peanuts. It takes courage and tenacity to bring a dream to life. If you would like to visit Peanuts or donate you are welcome to contact them directly! Any support you can give aids the animals and the children.

In the hustle and bustle of city life, a well earned break can do you wonders.

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