Tigers are returning in Nepal

Here’s a good news story to uplift your mood.

In the landlocked nation of Nepal, the government has announced an over all increase in the population of their tiger population.
The last survey was conducted in 2009, and since then the population has increased by 63%.
The number of tigers are estimated to be about 200 in the nation.
The population of the endangered species was decreasing due to the growing agriculture needs and urbanisation of Nepal.

This is a refreshing change from reducing numbers of wildlife in many other parts of the world.

“The first-ever joint tiger survey between Nepal and India in the transboundary Terai Arc Landscape began in January. In Nepal, this massive wildlife survey included over 260 trained staff, camera traps covering 1,870 square miles of tiger habitat and 7,699 tiger images.

This was funded by WWF UK, WWF Australia, WWF US, the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation, the Hariyo Ban Program (funded by USAID), and US Fish and Wildlife Service. WWF also played a major role from planning and implementation to the final data analysis.”

More on this article can be found on the link through WWF.

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