The V Star Store has been created to help build a vibrant world. The world is a reflection of us.
We start with books and DVD’s for core V Star theme, Natural Wellness. We’ll be adding books on the Environment, Animals and Building Communities as we grow. If you think a book should go on the list, please tell us. We’ll love to hear from you.

V Star Bliss would naturally like to do our part to nurture the communities around. Our members chose their favourite not-for-profit organisations and we will donate 40% of all our profits to the charities below equally:
• Black Dog Institute, Local Community.
• Animals Australia, Animals.
• World Wildlife Fund, Environment.
• Oxfam, Developing Overseas Community.

Of the 60% left, it all goes to growing the V Star community. :-)

The donations will be made when we have $1000 in profits, rather than each purchase, so as to keep transactions costs low. As an example, for $1000 of profit, $100 will be donated to each of the charities. That’s $400 bucks together!