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It all starts with you. :-)

Heartfelt Connections

As we get richer, we surround ourselves with more stuff and miss out on heartfelt connections.  We all have a variety of tastes, yet many of us simply want to connect with each other.  Sometimes we all need a nudge to be made aware of the richness of the simple things in life, and living life joyfully.

By connecting with V star members, you are connecting with like-minded people who are nourishing the body, mind and heart spaces.

Connecting with Other Villages

While the focus of V Star Village is natural wellbeing and plant nutrition, V Stars support the great sustainability and community building initiatives being carried out by other villages.  Many V Stars are agents of change within villages focused on Sustainability, Food, and Animals and Vibrant Community. They are focused on creating change in areas that are important to all of us. You’ll have a chance to meet and be inspired as they share their journeys with you.

So what do we mean by building vibrant communities? This refers to the growth of Social Enterprises.

We all want a sense of purpose and to contribute to the society we are in. In ancient times, we valued those who performed the most good to the community. Doctors are an example of this because they healed us.

Somehow in the last century, we have managed to financially and socially reward the few that line their pockets with ‘silver’ and who indirectly steal from the community as a whole. In boring economic speak, this is called moral hazard, leaving the majority worse off. How has this been allowed to happen?

With the ongoing Global Financial Crisis and heavy burden of fossil fuels on our environment, and the rise of diseases of affluence, could it be that Mother Earth is giving us signals to find different ways?

So here, at V Star Bliss, we are celebrating the rise of new enterprises where people are earning a living and creating social good at the same time. In other words, we are creating and supporting enterprises that bring a smile to your face?

If you want to know more about the why the need exists, read on …

We have a population that has passed seven billion people. The population growth in the last 200 years has been phenomenal. Not so long ago, only a select few lived with the comfort that is now offered to billions of people.

Then, the majority would have been considered financially poor, whereas now extreme poverty afflicts a much smaller percentage of the world. The Millennium Development Goals show that extreme poverty has decreased from nearly 50% of the world population in 1980 to about 24% today. While there’s a lot more to do, we are making progress.

The rise out of poverty has not occurred due to charity, but due to development. This is apparent all around the world, especially in China, India and South East Asia.

From a developed nations’ perspective, we have a dilemma. Do we live like we have been in the last 200 years, exhausting and depleting resources? Or do we find an alternate way, which can be sustainable for us, as well those living around us?

Developing nations have a richness that is missing in some developed nations – a strong sense of community.

So how about an exchange?

Financially rich nations slow their consumption models, and learn to grow the community richness, while the developing nations manage the transition to the new economy without learning the bad habits developed nations went through. It’s as easy as that.

Humanity has an incredible ability to create solutions, when the need arises.

Let’s rise together!