V Stars go PeaNUTS this April!

This April, V Stars held our annual get-a-way and go peaNUTS! Peanuts Funny Farm is a lovely sanctuary providing healing work for both young, troubled children and abused animals. This year, V Stars brought their Hearts and exceptional services to the farm and were able to give back by nourishing the hosts with yummy treats and tactile…

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We have so many wonderful stories of people building vibrant communities. In many parts of the world people are coming together and looking at new ways of living and thriving. While there are many groups doing good, here are 5 organisations we adore.

  • Ashoka – Assisting social entrepreneurs to thrive.
  • Transition Towns – To renew the local economy once more.
  • Permaculture – To revitalise our farming land everywhere.
  • GreenDrinks – A place to drink and hear about the sustainable initiatives in your city.
  • Make Poverty History – To end extreme poverty in our lifetime.

The map below from Global Transition to a New Economy shows the bright sparks, bringing  change, all across the globe.
By change, these groups are challenging the business as usual models to bring about systemic change.