So why V Star Bliss?

V stands for Vibrant, vitality, vigour, vivaciousness and we encourage veg healthy food.

You are a Star, when you are empowered and enriched. Let’s shine together.

And Bliss, because we bring products which nourish you and give back to charities you told us about through our store.

Happy days all around. :)

Get your latest fix of news on the following topics:

  •   Plant based nutrition for the body & mind through Wellness
  •   Sustainable Environment
  •   Building vibrant Member Villages
  •   Inspiring you and supporting others through the V Star Shop

We start with natural wellness, before starting to look at the communities, and the world around you.
When we are living well and seeing plenty of good stuff happening, we want to share yeah?
It’s nice to share and connect with people in real life as well. This leads us to member villages.

Using social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Meetup we are connected on and offline.

We are all on a journey – let’s enjoy the ride.